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mediaAGENT        Manager


When it comes to communication expertise on the important and
challenging Arab market, mediaAGENT is one of the undisputed
leaders in Berlin and Germany. Managing Director Houssam
is actively involved in several German-Arab institutions
– most notably the DAFG – Deutsch-Arabische Freundschafts-
gesellschaft e.V.
, the leading German-Arab association dedicated
to intercultural cooperation and friendship. Mr. Maarouf serves
as vice president on the association’s executive committee.

Mr. Maarouf has also established excellent relations to the official
representations of Arab countries
in Germany. mediaAGENT is
a trusted partner for the communication needs of the
embassies of the Arab States.

A key element of mediaAGENT’s success in the Arab countries is
the agency’s strong partnership with INDEX Holding, a group of
specialized companies based in Dubai. INDEX Conferences and
Exhibitions Organisation Est. is a leading organizer of international
congresses and trade fairs while other members of the group are
active in the fields of healthcare management, public relations or
media management.

The company’s competence on the Arab market is further attested
by its dedicated in-house publications: Berlin Tourism Guide, an
expert travel guide in Arabic language; Al Fahras, a commercial
directory for Berlin’s German-Arab business community; or
Al Maqam, a quarterly German-language magazine on Arab arts
and culture.